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The yogurt and ice cream categories are looking for innovations that create multi-sensory experiences. Indulgence is at the heart of consumer expectations, but at the same time, consumers are looking for authentic, natural, and healthy options. The booming trend of “nomad snacking” is driving innovations and diversifications. From drinkable yogurt with disruptive taste to healthy fermented plant-based alternatives, it is now possible to offer “One for Everyone,” from kids snacks to on-the-go options for adults.

Our all-natural, high-performing coloring foods and fruit and vegetable inclusions bring extra attractiveness and appealing effects to your recipes while keeping ingredient lists short and simple. And our range of natural ingredients, rich in high value nutrients, is an increasingly popular way to deliver soft or hard claims. Look at natural vitamin C from Acerola or cranberry extracts, both of which have become winning ingredients in drinkable yogurts!

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Natural & clean colors

Consumers of dairy products and plant-based alternatives are looking for naturally healthy products that deliver proteins, minerals and vitamins...but white is white, and that can be boring!

• It is clearly an established trend to use colors as part of the creative sensory experiences, but consumers want simple, trusted ingredients
• Our CleanColor™ range of natural vegetal coloring juices will enhance the visual of your new creations
• Smooth, yogurt vanilla taste pairs well with a hint of pumpkin and yellow carrot coloring juice to deliver a creamy pale yellow shade
• What would a delicious strawberry ice cream be like without a lovely touch of pink provided by our red beet juice?
• Look into our rainbow of natural colors and discover our range of Organic certified coloring solutions

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Health & Nutrition

Indulgence is a key driver of the ice cream and yogurt category, but the booming on-the-go trend has opened a growing innovation area.

• Yogurts became drinkable and portable, and now they are also a good way to supplement nutrition by adding a healthy intake of proteins and nutritional benefits such as immunity, energy boosting, detox, and antioxidation
• Diana Food offers a large portfolio of natural, active ingredients coming from fruits and vegetables including Vitamin C, polyphenols, and antioxidants

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Fruit powders 100%

100% fruit powder to replace fruit purees in ice cream.
• The powders are 100% fruit, with no carrier
• They feature excellent bacteriological properties and can be added after mix pasteurization allowing greater flexibility on the process
• They deliver excellent sensory and color properties.
• Available in powders or flakes, allowing for easy mixing and reconstitution with ice cream mixes

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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