Aronia: The little berry with high health potential

Traditionally used by Native Americans, aronia was identified from 16th century for its potential for immunity. Aronia is easily fitting into the category of superfruits thanks to its composition and high content in antioxidants. This untapped little berry has a strong potential to become the new favorite.  

Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa), also known as black chokeberry, contains a high concentration of potent antioxidants, like polyphenols, and particularly anthocyanins. Plants produce them to protect from environmental stress. While only few consumers know aronia, this little berry is emerging as a key component of the better-for-you health trend. Literature has well-documented the antioxidative properties of aronia. This relates specifically to cardiovascular health, metabolic health and immune system support.

Using our strong analytical knowledge and know-how in the field of bioactive ingredients, we offer fully characterized aronia solutions going beyond the healthy image of superfruit. We offer a unique proprietary aronia extract (patent application filed) and an aronia juice powder, both made in Canada and standardized in polyphenols and anthocyanins. 

Why choose our aronia solutions

• Strong and multiple cellular antioxidant effects due to high concentration in polyphenols, proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins, supported by dedicated study
• Unique polyphenols profile with patent application filed 
• Variety of health benefits: Cardiovascular, metabolic and immune health
• Different formats available: Extract and juice powder, suitable for many final applications
• Easy to use in dietary supplements, thanks to high flowability and solubility of powder extract
• Stability of the juice powder, ideal for beverage applications
• Perfect clean label solutions
• Made in Canada

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Aronia extract (patent application filed)

A patented* and potent antioxidant aronia extract in powder:

• Min. 50% total polyphenols (Expressed as epicatechin equivalent)
• Min. 10% anthocyanins (Expressed as Cyanidin 3-O- glucoside chloride equivalent)
• Supported by antioxidant efficacy study
• Unique and patented* polyphenolic profile 
• Carrier free, free-flowing and soluble powder
• Dark purple color
• Intense and typical aronia fruity taste
• Manufactured in Canada

Suggested applications: 

• Capsules, tablets, powder sticks
• Nutritional shots
• Supplement gummies

*Patent application filed

Aronia juice powder

A standardized aronia juice powder:
• Min. 2% total polyphenols (Expressed as epicatechin equivalent)
• Min. 0.2% anthocyanins (Expressed as Cyanidin 3-O- glucoside chloride equivalent)
• Spray-dried soluble powder
• Stable in beverage
• Fruity taste
• Light purple color
• Manufactured in Canada

Suggested applications:

• Powder drinks
• Healthy beverages
• Healthy snacks & foods

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