Deliciously sweet with health benefits

Blueberry is one of the most popular berries consumed around the world. Thanks to its vibrant color and sweet taste, it can be used in a variety of applications, from bakery to ice cream, beverages or baby food. Add to that its health benefits, and you have a trendy winner! 

Symrise has developed a strong expertise in sourcing and selecting the best blueberry varieties to develop natural taste and nutritional solutions. We have selected 3 species: Vaccinium myrtillus, Vaccinium angustifolium and Vaccinium corymbosum to answer all your needs. From competitive to high-end ingredients, the diana foodTM range of blueberry includes baby food grade, certified organic and polyphenol standardized solutions.

Why choose our blueberry ingredients

• 3 different species to answer all your needs
• Wide range, from competitive to premium solutions:
- Sweet & fruity taste, impacting color, visual & texture
- Solutions standardized in polyphenols, supporting cognitive health
- Organic, conventional and baby food grade available
- Juice concentrate, powders, flakes, crunchies & extracts
• Production in France, Canada & Chile, close to the growing sources (Europe, NAM & LATAM)
• Suitable for many applications, from bakery to ice cream, beverages and dietary supplements

Bilberry - Vaccinium myrtillus, the European wild species

• Sourcing from Eastern and Northern Europe
• Adapted for both sweet & beverage, and consumer health applications
• Formulation with whole fruit and juice available
• Provides a wide range of visual impact solutions
• Acidic and fruity taste
• Dark purple color

Wild Blueberry - Vaccinium angustifolium, the lowbush blueberry species

• Sourced in North America
• Dedicated to Consumer Health Market 
• Supports cognitive health, including memory and mood
• Contains 3 times more phenolic compounds and is 2 times higher in antioxidant than highbush blueberry
• Extracts, powders, and flakes available

Wild Blueberry for cognitive health

Blueberry - Vaccinium corymbosum, the highbush species

• Cultivated in Latin America
• Very sweet taste
• Intense dark purple color
• Ideal for visual contrast and fruit recognition
• The most cost competitive alternative of the 3 species

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Our wide range of blueberry ingredient formats


• Species available : V.myrtillus, V.angustifolium, V.corymbosum 
• From whole fruit, puree or juice raw materials 
• Formulations with different carriers & fruit content 
• High organoleptic impact: Taste and color 
• Solutions with high rehydration properties available 
• Available in conventional & organic grade 


• Species available: V.myrtillus, V.angustifolium, V.corymbosum 
• From fresh blueberries or puree 
• Formulations with different carriers & fruit content (from 43% to 70%) 
• Provide mouthfeel & sweet, acidic fruity notes 
• Available in conventional & baby food grade 


• Species available: V.corymbosum 
• From whole fruit, with different carriers 
• Crunchy texture impact  
• Pieces sizes available from 2 to 4mm 
• Available in conventional & baby food grade 


• Species available: V.angustifolium 
• From puree
• Crispy texture impact 
• Particle size available in 2-3 mm approx. 

Juice concentrate

• Species available: V.angustifolium, V.corymbosum 
• Natural sweet taste 

Fruit extract powder 

Our extraction process allows concentrating and standardizing the content of polyphenols in our blueberry extracts, while keeping intact their natural health benefits.  
• Species available: V.angustifolium
• Up to 40% polyphenols 
• Soluble fine powder 
• Easy to use in any delivery system (capsules, tablets, gummies, sticks…) 
• Free carrier extract available

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