Clinically proven prune solution to support digestive wellness

Functional gastrointestinal disorders are a worldwide issue affecting 11.7% of the global population. They have a strong impact on health care systems and quality of life. 

To address the global concern on digestive health and wellness, Symrise combines its expertises on both raw material sourcing and research to deliver a Prune juice concentrate solution supported by a clinical study.

Chilean prune for digestive wellness video

Watch our prune video to discover how our diana food™ Prune juice concentrate solution is sourced from delicious Chilean prunes and contributes to digestive health.

Local sourcing & processing in Chile

Chile is the global leading country in prune production. Its geographical characteristics generate a unique climatic and soil conditions for plum production, providing a top-quality food in size, color, aroma and flavor.

The Chilean plum plantation area is spread over 13 thousand hectares and goes from the Valparaíso region to Maule. About 75 thousand tons of Prunus domestica L. plums are produced annually for dehydration, allowing Symrise to source plum 100% from Chile.

Our long-term relationships with prunes suppliers is supported by regular visits and audits from our in-house agronomists. They guarantee a high quality of selected fruit and a full traceability of agriculture practices

Why choose diana food™ Prune juice concentrate

  • 100% prune juice concentrate 70°Brix
  • Supported by a clinical study demonstrating digestive heatlh benefits contributing in:
    - Normal bowel function
    - Related quality of life
  • Natural sorbitol content coming from the fruit > 7% (minimal guarantee level)
    No synthetic addition (sorbitol and fibers, naturally occuring from prune, do not require to be labeled in the ingredient list)
  • Low recommended daily dose (15ml)
  • Local sourcing & processing in Chile, the global leading country in prune production
  • High quality standards and certifications

The outcome of our clinical study

Symrise supported the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Guangdong University of technology to conduct a human clicnical trial investigating the constipation status of 38 volunteers after 2 weeks consuming our prune solution. The results of the clinical study, led by Pr. Zhou Liaonan and Pr. Du Zhiyun, suggest the role of our diana food™ Prune juice concentrate, at a low dose of 15ml, in supporting normal bowel function and activity, as well as improving quality of life.

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