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The dietary supplement market is heavily influenced by dynamic trends and evolving consumer needs. The desire for sustainability, coupled with an increased amount of communications on food quality and safety, is motivating consumers to find reliable sources of natural ingredients.

A holistic approach to health and wellness will continue to propel solutions that address problems from the inside out, including products that support the microbiota. Health solutions will build on the current dialogue about wellness and transition into new solutions for healthy aging. In developed countries, populations at risk for health problems are increasingly open to adopting natural preventive solutions. For these trends and others, Symrise can help your brands address consumer needs with safe, tasty and efficient health solutions.

Our solutions for dietary supplements

Inspiring recipes for your applications

Good Morning Beauty, your daily dose to support your skin beauty from within

Support your skin beauty thanks to natural sources of collagen, vitamin C and polyphenols. 

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Gut Happy with Prebiocran™ capsules

Support gut barrier function with a cranberry polyphenols-based solution backed by a 5-year Chair of research.

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Easy Move Soup with Chondractiv™ Plus

Support joint and mobility with our Chondractiv™ Plus high collagen content solution. This soup brings together a delicious taste with health benefits in a convenient format.

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Urophenol SoftGel

A clinically proven natural cranberry extract solution to recurrent UTI that does not lead to microbial resistance. 

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How we can help you with your dietary supplements

Gut health & immunity

People want to feel at their best, and dietary supplements claiming to boost vitality and immunity are a popular remedy among consumers worldwide.
The diana food™ portfolio is composed of a wide range of berries and superfruits for immunity applications, recognized for their natural content in vitamins and antioxidant properties. They boost your immunity and help fight against fatigue.
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Immunity is also strongly linked with the gut, where a diverse and healthy microbiota help boost our immune system. Prebiocran™ is new generation solution to support gut health:
• Demonstrated to modulate gut microbiota diversity and strengthen gut barrier function 
• Backed by a 5-year research program led by INAF, including clinical and mechanistical studies
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Women's health

Women have a growing interest in their personal health, influenced partly by the increasing amount of health messages and nutritional information targeting them. A recent study shows that 71% of women under the age of 30 take health supplements or vitamins at least once a month.
• Targeted health benefits for women include bone health, UTI prevention, weight loss, beauty, menopause support, and anemia prevention
• Symrise has developed natural health solutions specifically designed to support women’s well-being
• Our products feature a selected range of fruits and vegetables including cranberry, acerola, apple, and broccoli

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Healthy aging

Seniors represent a huge market for preventive health care and well-being products as they become more knowledgeable about health and keen to preserve their healthy life expectancy. It is a market rich in innovation, where substantiation of claims is key.
• Alongside traditional dietary supplements for joint health or cholesterol control, emerging science is bringing new solutions for memory loss, eye-sight maintenance and glucose management
• Our diana food™ portfolio is composed of a range of well-being solutions adapted to seniors
• Target areas include natural solutions for cognition, glucose regulation, joint and bone health, cardiovascular support, vision, and oral health

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Our technical team includes scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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