Boost endurance and sport performance naturally 

Good nutrition naturally supports and boosts our performance by providing protein to promote muscle growth and repair, allows us to train harder longer and delays the onset of fatigue. It improves our body composition and strength, enhances our concentration, helps maintain a healthy immune function and reduces our potential for injury. Traditionally consumed by body-builders and professional athletes, sports nutrition products are increasingly targeting a broader group of consumers looking to maintain an active and healthy life-style.

The rapid expansion of this demographic creates the need for healthy and nutritional ingredients designed to boost performance, provide energy and daily support of professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, weekend warriors and the everyday consumer. The diana food™ portfolio offers an array of natural solutions for peak daily performance- beet root, acerola and Swiss chard.

Why choose our sport perfomance solutions

• Targeted health benefit solutions from fruits and vegetables
• Standardized ingredient range
• Supported by scientific literatures and systematic review


• Natural booster for endurance and performance
• Red beetroot juice ingredient
• Naturally occurring nitric oxide precursors and potassium
• Supported by scientific literature and systematic review
• Food grade
• Cultivated and processed in France


• Wide range of acerola powders with standardized content in vitamin C from 17% to 34%
• Conventional, organic, and Fair Trade grades available
• Various organoleptic & functional properties to best suit the final application
• Cost competitive

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• Well-being and joint comfort for versatile benefits supported by consumer tests
• Collagen (type 1, II & III) ≥ 45 ± 5%
• Recommended dosage: 1.5g/day
• Designed for dietary supplement applications (tablets, capsules, ...) & functional foods
• Supported by consumer tests. After 3-month of 1.5g daily supplementation, 83% of consumers perceived a significant decrease in joint pain and are satisfied with this dietary supplement.
• Halal certification available


• Acai juice powder standardized in polyphenols >6%
• Bilberry juice powder and extract powder with anthocyanins contents standardized from 0,5 to 25%
• Organic and conventional blackcurrant powder and juice powder standardized in anthocyanins
• Wild blueberry juice powder and extract powders standardized in polyphenols up to 40%
• Aronia juice powder and extract powder standardized in polyphenols and anthocyanins
• Strawberry extract powder standardized in polyphenols >2%

Coconut water powder

Features a minimum guarantee of natural source of potassium, supporting normal muscle function.
This ingredient is ideal to develop trendy functional beverages.

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