Responsible sourcing of an iconic favorite

Around the world and across almost every demographic group, strawberry is revered for its delicious taste and beautiful aesthetic. It’s an iconic fruit that graces products from bakery to baby food, beverages, confections, yogurt, and many more applications. For Symrise, it’s a core raw material that must be nurtured to ensure that it never disappoints.

We source fruit from the finest strawberry farms the earth has to offer. In Chile, our strawberry farms benefit from an ideal climate, well drained soils and offshore winds that keep fungus levels low. The result is delicious fruit of intense dark red color, high sweetness and medium acidity. From the Mediterranean, we source strawberries with a slightly different profile: intensely pink-red rather than dark red, and medium sweet with high acidity. Together, they represent a sourcing portfolio that meets any application.

View of strawberry fields

The People: Farmers, Agronomists, Processors

We maintain long-term relationships with our strawberry farmers on both continents. They take great pride in their ability to produce delicious fruit that is not only consumed around the world, but also meets the high standards required for use in baby food.

They are supported by regular visits and audits from our in-house agronomists. Working together, they guarantee the high quality of the selected fruit, the full traceability of agricultural practices, and the ability to produce fresh fruit that can be processed to meet our high standards and the requirements of our clients.

Proximity Makes the Difference

Our sourcing strategy combines outstanding farming with proximity to processing. There is less than 150 kilometers between our Chilean strawberry fields and the facilities where they are processed.

By placing our processing center near the farms, the fruit reaches the manufacturing plant in excellent condition for processing. All the variables we want to capture – freshness, ripeness, juiciness, color, flavor – are still abundant in the fruit when they arrive.

Dual Sourcing Means Reliability

Our global strategy of farms and manufacturing on two continents is a foundation of our sourcing. It enables us to produce a broad range of strawberry ingredients that meet the different features that customers demand, whether it relates to a level of quality such as required for baby food, a specific certification such as organic, composition of up to 100% from fruit, or diverse organoleptic properties.

Having such a robust supply chain with dual sourcing not only allows us to meet our customers’ specific requirements, it also ensures full traceability, full seasonality, and contingency planning for customers.

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