Detox with natural "Green" 

With more than 40 years of agronomic know-how, Symrise selects the best raw materials for their content in bioactives to offer natural active ingredients supporting liver detoxification & digestive health. 

Why choose our digestive health solutions

• Different health solutions targeting detoxification, liver and digestive support, digestive transit
• All natural solutions including fibers, polyphenols, sulfur compounds, acedic acid
• Supported by scientific litterature and systematic review
• Standardized bioactives


• Green extraction, no solvent
• Standardized in glucoraphanin up to 0.8%
• Support the detoxification function of the liver
• Scientific studies


• Artichoke juice concentrate, juice powders and extracts standardized in cynarin up to 2.50%
• Traditionally used to support liver health

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Apple cider vinegar

• Apple Cider Vinegar was long known as a very old traditional folk remedy in France and appreciated by its numerous health benefits
• Good balance of body’s general metabolism
• Powder standardized in acetic acid 6-9%

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