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An increasing number of consumers are choosing dairy-free and lactose-free beverages. Reasons for this evolution vary from one continent to another. In Asia, adult populations are largely lactose-intolerant and often embrace soy-based beverages. In Europe and America, the booming trend for plant based drink is more likely driven by a shift in diet towards plant-based products. 

Traditional milk beverages remain popular in these regions too, with a foothold as a nutritious beverage for kids that is most often consumed unflavored in the morning with breakfast. But the segment is diversifying, too, with new options that feature fruits, vegetables, and nutritional benefits. Since the demand for on-the-go beverages is increasing in most regions, the use of naturally tasty and healthy ingredients is boosting innovation and attractiveness, creating new moments of consumption.

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Organic non-dairy drink

Plant-based dairy drinks are a growing segment driven by consumer desire for healthier and more responsible eating choices. Delivering great sensorial experience while claiming sustainable commitment are success factors for your brand. 

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Fruit & vegetable juices

Dairy and plant-based drinks pair well with the innovative benefits that fruits and vegetables can provide.
• This combination goes the extra mile in terms of better nutrition, offering all-in-one, on-the-go healthy snacks
• Provides a world of new taste and texture experiences: adding banana puree will allow a smooth texture and a natural sweet taste without adding any sucrose
• Other vegetables can deliver natural sweet taste (like pumpkins and super sweet corn) and contribute to the intake of more vegetables in the daily diet
• Reducing sugar content in beverages is a global concern that is driving the innovation for kids snacks
• The diana food™ portfolio offers an extensive range of fruits and vegetables grown near our factories
• We apply proprietary technologies to delivery disruptive taste performances while maintaining the ability to declare simple fruit and vegetable juice concentrates
• From our banana stream grown in Ecuador we offer a large portfolio of purees in organic and conventional form for dairy & non-dairy drinks, including a specific range for babies

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Working with us gives you access to the full expertise and competencies of the Symrise Group, a global leader in flavor and taste solutions. From consumer insights to regulatory, we work in synergy to support your brands.

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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