Preserving and extending the shelf life of your products... Naturally

Consumers perceive the ideal food preservative to be a naturally-sourced ingredient that can preserve food without being labeled as a synthetic chemical preservative.

To meet this expectation, the diana food™ portfolio offers innovative, clean-label antioxidant and antibacterial solutions based on natural fruits and vegetables. These products are ideal for culinary and bakery applications as well as meat protection.

When it comes to food protection and preservation, our goal is two-fold… We must provide ingredients that will perform exceptionally well for customers, while also meeting consumer demand for preservatives that are natural and clean label. Maud Loingeville, Global Project Director - Food Protection

Your trusted supplier of natural food protection

Maintaining and controlling the natural properties of our raw materials is an essential skill that enables us to maximize the quality and value of our products. We have been working with local farmers located in proximity to our production sites in Europe and Latin America for more than 10 years. These relationships give us total control of the varietal selection of fruit and vegetables to ensure their food protection properties. 

Our global industrial footprint allows us to work closely with our customers, meeting their needs through an efficient supply chain that guarantees availability and reliability of supply all year long. 

Creating the most efficient solutions for you

Whatever your application – cured or uncured meat, savory or bakery – our dedicated platform of experts is able to evaluate the antimicrobial and antioxidant effect of newly developed prototypes in challenge tests or under real conditions. 

We develop natural ingredients with clean label declarations that are as efficient as artificial food preservatives when it comes to meeting food safety and food spoilage challenges. Before product development and promotion commences, our solutions undergo a strict study of the regulations for the customer’s geography. Regulatory support continues throughout the relationship.*

Our range of vegetable juices, naturally rich in nitrates, in combination with a starter culture, act as a curing agent and contributes to the typical pink color, flavor, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. It is an ideal natural alternative to synthetic sodium nitrites.**

Our patented acerola powder features a guaranteed vitamin C content of 34% and offers many opportunities for customers, whether acting as a curing accelerator in cured and cured meat or as a dough improver in bakery applications.**

Innovating to match your exact present and future needs

Across the globe – from the fields where raw materials are born to our application labs and manufacturing facilities – Symrise has crafted a dynamic structure that is designed to create new solutions. We are continuously improving our product ranges to match your expectations, including organic, non-allergen, clear, liquid and powder solutions, natural or no carrier, new packaging, possible blends, and more.

Through our network of in-house agronomists, we have mastered a wide range of fruit and vegetable streams. We innovate through new cultivation practices that maximize each plant’s potential and enlarge our range by incorporating new species such as celery, swiss chard, beet, acerola, and lemon.

While we strive to meet the market’s desire to replace synthetic food additives, our products also bring additional value. In many instances, they also preserve or even improve the sensory profile of your products, play a role in taste, or act as a culinary enhancer.

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* It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to verify the compliance of the final product’s labeling and communication indicated on the finished foods to be delivered as such to the consumer with respect to the current local legislation.
** Meat protection solutions excluding USA and Canada markets.