White mushroom, an amazing tasty superfood

White mushroom, button mushroom or Champignon de Paris is the most consumed mushroom in the world, appreciated by all generations. It provides culinary impact and umami, a natural alternative to MSG and yeast extract and contributes to salt reduction in savoury applications.

Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, eco-friendly and suitable for vegan diets, it offers many opportunities for plant-based applications, bringing juiciness, mouthfeel or masking off-notes. Symrise locally sources this superfood in Europe, close to its industrial sites.

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Explore nature's best with our clean and standardized white mushroom ingredients! Dive into culinary enchantment and unlock a world of taste and innovation.

Why choose our mushroom ingredients

• 100% Champignon de Paris (Agaricus bisporus)
• French & Dutch origin (local sourcing and processing )
• Intense and umami taste
• Wide palette of standardized taste profiles from fresh to culinary
• Transparent, traceable and sustainable sourcing
• Organic, non-GMO, kosher & halal grades available
• Concentrate and powder formats
• Low carbon footprint

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Juice concentrate

• Wide palette of culinary profiles: raw/humus, poached, cooked, sauteed, pan-fried and more
• Delivers taste modulation: umami, mouthfeel, juiciness and masking off note
• Highly concentrated format for food safety and long shelf life at 0-4°c storage
• Clean label


• Intense poached and cooked notes
• Delivers taste modulation: umami, mouthfeel, juiciness and masking off note
• Highly dispersible
• Easy to use and to store (ambient stable)

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