Wild blueberry, the brain berry

Vaccinium angustifolium, commonly known as wild blueberry (lowbush blueberry), is one of the oldest native berry in North America. Growing in harsh conditions, this lowbush blueberry comes with high levels of polyphenols, delivering antioxidant potential and health-related benefits.

What is clear from the research to date is that lowbush blueberries provide benefits for cognitive performance, from delayed memory to learning performance or executive functions and mood, for all ages. We offer a selection of extracts and juice powders carefully produced in our Canadian facility,  from lowbush blueberries growing in eastern Canada.

Why choose our blueberry health actives

• Sourced and processed in Canada
• Standardized in polyphenols 
• Supported by science
• Juice powder guaranteed in active compounds content
• Extracts highly concentrated in polyphenols, very convenient for dietary supplements

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