Kitchen-like ingredients that make the difference in sauces & dips

A sauce, dip or dressing is often the captivating little touch that defines a dish; it simply makes it more appealing, tasty & complete. To consumers, this final touch can be the difference between a one-time trial and years of repeat purchases.

The Symrise palette of natural ingredients - which ranges from fruits and vegetables to meats and seafood - may be the missing touch in your creation. Our natural ingredients bring taste that adds completeness, whether it’s culinary taste, acidity, umami, or something unique. We use only kitchen-like ingredients and cooking steps to deliver the taste of home to products like carbonara and other pasta sauces, dips, mayonnaise, burger sauce, salad dressing, and many more.

Our solutions for sauces, spreads & dressings

Inspiring recipes for your applications

Aquafaba Salad Dressing

Elevating salads with a healthy twist. Capture the market demand for reduced-fat options without compromising taste, texture and appearance! 

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Vegan Alternative to Mayonnaise

Classic taste, contemporary choice: enjoy the creamy delight loved by all, now in a vegan version. 

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Instant Hummus

A convenient on-the-go snack that's easy to prepare and rich in fiber and protein. The perfect ally for healthy eating, made easy! 

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Veggie waffle & spinach artichoke dip

The guilt-free indulgence of a vegan snack and dip offering the best of green vegetables. 

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Carrot choux

Combine taste, trust and fun in this natural and clean label recipe where carrot is the star ingredient for its fresh taste and vibrant color! 

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Senegalese Boiled Peanut Hummus

Consumers demand increases for ethnic foods made from premium ingredients that feature authentic flavors. Try the fusion of traditional West African ingredients and flavors for your next spread or dip! 

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How we can help you with your sauces, spreads & dressings

Culinary preparations

Our culinary preparations can give ready meals their taste foundations, mimicking steps you'll see in your kitchen. These simple ingredients deliver a complex taste profile.
• Mirepoix
• Soffritto
• Fried & roasted onion
• Garlic
• Leek
• Shallot

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We take vegetables very seriously. From the fields to our customers door, we make sure we make the best out of them.
• Expertise in agronomy
• Deep technical know-how
• Cooking notes that range from “freshly picked from the garden” to profiles of traditional, kitchen-like cooking methods such as poached, candied, pan fried, and roasted

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Lemon, vinegars & wines

Our lemon juice powders, vinegar powders and distilled red and white wine concentrates and powders can naturally increase the acidity level of a dish.
• Our lemon juice powders are a perfect alternative to citric acid (E330)
• Unlike real wine or wine flavor, our ready-to-use wine concentrates & powders will help you to reduce:
- Production costs
- Preparation time
- Storage space (no temperature control needed)
- Alcohol percentage
- Potential alcohol tax costs

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers, sensory experts and chefs. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your recipe.


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