Less is more

Consumers are increasingly more educated and conscious about ingredients used in the products they eat. Short and clear ingredients lists are associated with transparency, premium image and good quality. An essential lever of consumer trust.

The diana food™ portfolio offers 100% dry matter powders, flakes and crunchies from fruit, vegetable and meat. Designed with no carrier, they offer the cleanest label possible while providing nutrition and fruit and vegetable servings.

Why choose our Pure range, 100% dry matter

• Transparency & safety
• Enable shorter ingredient list
• No maltodextrin, no carrier, no additives
• High nutritional content allowing fruit & vegetables equivalences
• High protein content thanks to our range of meat and broths powders

Fruit & vegetables

• Just fruit, only fruit & just veggies, only veggies!
• Natural sweetness of fruits without adding sugar
• Fruit & vegetable recognition
• Vibrant colors
• Delicious fruit & vegetable taste
• Baby Food grade available

Meat ingredients

• Range of chicken and beef broths and meat powders without career
• High protein content up to 90% expressed on dry matter
• High taste intensity chicken broth
• Fish and shrimp powder available on request

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