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Snack bars are quite possibly one of the most popular snacks worldwide, offering a wonderful combination of functionality and indulgence. In many parts of the world, they represent a real lifestyle change, as they become meal replacements for consumers always on the go.

This growth in global popularity has led to thriving innovation. Today's bars feature eye catching colors, natural ingredients, regionality, and personalized nutrition. Diana Food is well positioned to help manufacturers of bars meet these requirements, with a collection of ingredients that are high performing, traceable and sustainable.

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Inspiring recipes for your applications

Organic banana bar

Fuel your day with this tasty and 100% organic banana bar.


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Organic red fruit bar

Back to basics for a nice morning start: natural, organic, whole and nutrient dense ingredients!


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How we can help you with your bars

Stand out with vibrant, natural colors

Diana Food's range of coloring foods offers manufacturers a full spectrum of colors to choose from to help their bars stand out from competition. More and more bar product launches are following the unicorn trend, with full bars being colored or multi-color icings being used in coating, toping or base.

What are coloring foods?
Food and beverage color solutions derived from fruits, vegetables or edible plants standardized to a specific color strength and shade. Coloring foods are labeled as vegetable/fruit juice concentrate (for color). They go through minimal processing, in which coloring substances are not selectively extracted. The main benefits of Coloring Foods are:
- Clean and clear labeling solutions
- Vibrant shades with best shade intensity
- Backward integrated solutions
- High pigment juices for optimal color strength and low cost in use

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Whole fruit ingredients

Looking to keep you labels clean and clear?
• Diana Food offers a range of organic and conventional 100% whole fruit and vegetable products
• Our 100% range offers whole fruit labeling with no additional ingredients

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Personalized Nutrition

Would you like to make a Vitamin C or potassium claim on your consumer packaging?
• We can help here too by leveraging the inherent nutrients of the fruits in our portfolio
• What has more potassium than a banana! We can tell you exactly how much of our product would be needed to make a specific claim

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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