Symrise with its diana food™ portfolio brand provides natural, clean label ingredient-based solutions to the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries.

Working with carefully selected raw materials - including fruit, vegetable, meat and seafood  - Symrise offers with its diana food™ portfolio, a wide range of clean-label natural ingredients delivering taste, nutrition and health. 

Our products enable food, beverage and nutraceutical manufacturers to develop consumer goods that feature impactful product claims and meet the needs of today’s evolving consumers. Delivered by the Taste, Nutrition & Health segment, the diana food™ portfolio of natural ingredients offers solutions to the food and beverage industry for consumer well-being, which has become of foremost importance to consumers all over the world. We are committed to empowering consumers to be active caretakers of their own wellness by bringing them innovative and natural solutions which make life taste better and healthier.

One of Symrise's greatest asset is its people. Our team of in-house agronomy experts works closely with farmers all over the globe to deliver the best raw materials performance while fostering sustainable agriculture practices. Our employees are passionate, dedicated and always put customers needs at the forefront.Fabrice BOHIN, President - Naturals Business Unit

Naturals: A unique Business Unit within Symrise Food & Beverage

With combined expertise in Taste, Nutrition & Health, we provide unique and innovative ingredient solutions, inspired by nature. Within Symrise Food & Beverage Division, the Naturals Business Unit delivers a dynamic & broad range of natural ingredients and ingredients extracted from natural origin on a global scale to the food, beverage, baby food and dietary supplement industries. 

With a 30-year experience in sourcing excellence, our team of in-house agronomists carefully select raw materials from around the world while applying best-in-class global sustainable sourcing practices. These techniques allow Naturals BU to capture the highest natural properties of conventional and organic fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, vanilla and botanicals. Our mastery of gentle industrial process and technological know-how enables us to deliver standardized nutritional actives and highly performing clean label solutions, helping customers to win with superior taste performance, health benefits, sensorial experience, and food preservation solutions. Our commitment to food safety and the deliverable of best-in-class quality & sustainability standards ensure trust for our customers & consumers all along the value chain. The Naturals Business Unit is part of Symrise Food & Beverage Division and delivers the diana food™ and IDF® natural ingredients portfolios.

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Trust as a driving force

Trust is a fundamental component of our value proposition. For Symrise, it’s important that the industry can rely on us unequivocally to deliver high value products. For our customers, trust begins with guarantees on the origin of our raw materials.

Trust extends to the processes we use to transform raw materials into ingredients across all our facilities. It extends from farm to fork, allowing customers to align their product labeling with consumer trends and expectations including organic, animal welfare, fair trade, and no antibiotics ever.


At Symrise, we focus on quality across the entire product development chain. Upstream, we begin by ensuring the quality and safety of our raw materials with strict supplier approvals, regular audits and dedicated agronomic support. Midstream, quality systems include full regulatory compliance, risk analysis per HACCP guidelines, and FSC 22000 certification for all our manufacturing sites. Downstream, our customers are provided with detailed technical data, certificates of analysis on each batch or specific regulatory support.


Today’s consumers want to know that the products they consume are authentic. To help manufacturers meet that demand, we ensure end-to-end traceability and transparency that begins with our sourcing, including monitoring the agricultural practices applied on the fields and farms. Ingredient traceability is vital to delivering authentic products, and we are passionate about providing high performance products that pass the test of authenticity.


At Symrise, sustainability is at the core of our strategy and goes all the way back to the roots of our company. On a macro level, we are fostering responsible innovation and demonstrating responsible sourcing while controlling our environmental footprint. On a micro level, we are combining raw materials and resource management with science. It involves more than growing the best materials year after year. It's also about knowing how to best harvest highly concentrated raw materials that offer customers functional claims without fortification.

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All year long

Symrise has learned to master seasonality. For some natural products, there is only one chance each year to access the best raw materials. For others, it’s crucial to follow a global crop calendar and acquire raw materials at different times from various regions of the world. This planning expertise allows us to properly anticipate needs and maintain capacity. We also understand the nuances of behind product consistency. Natural products can have inherently different tastes with each harvest, but the Naturals business unit's experts know how to manage the supply chain and assess sensorial elements, ensuring consistency and delivering the organoleptic profile that customers demand.