Natural and clinically proven solutions for glucose metabolism regulation 

Blood sugar control is becoming more and more important. High blood glucose level is the third leading global risk for mortality.
Diana Food has developed natural actives from fruits rich in polyphenols with clinically proven blood glucose regulation benefit.

Why choosing our glucose metabolism solutions

• Innovative and efficient solutions for glucose absorption, metabolism regulation, and insulin sensitivity
• Science backed
• Regulatory support for health claim management
• All natural
• Convenient forms for dietary supplement, functional food and beverages


• A propietary apple extract clinically proven to delay early-phase glycaemia
• A phloridzin-rich natural gluco-blocker
• Supported by a 15+ years research program including mechanistical, preclinical and 4 clinical studies
• Sourced and produced in France

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• A healthy blend of polyphenols from strawberries and cranberries for glucose metabolism regulation, supported by a gold-standard clinical study
• Significantly improves glucose disposal rate by +21%
• Significantly improves insulin sensitivity by +14%

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Apple cider vinegar

• Apple cider vinegar was long known as a very old traditional tip in France and appreciated by its numerous well-being benefits
• Contributes to a good balance of body’s general metabolism
• Powder standardized in acetic acid 6-9%

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