Natural and sustainable chicken taste and nutrition you can trust

Chicken is the most consumed animal protein all over the world and the most sustainable one. Our wide palette of clean label chicken broths, chicken powders, purified chicken fat and chicken pieces features an intense profile and consistent taste impact. We start with the highest quality raw materials, sourced responsibly from our own network of farmers, then process them using kitchen-like methods in our facilities located in main producing countries. Diana Food has developed a unique know-how to valorize the best of chicken whether it is in terms of taste, health & nutrition (protein content, collagen content) for food & premium pet food applications.

Why choosing our chicken ingredients

• Local, resilient and sustainable sourcing network of carefully selected fresh materials
• Full traceability and highest food safety standards
• Specific certifications available: organic, animal welfare, halal, local provenance
• Large palette of culinary and nutritional profiles available
• Food ingredient labeling thanks to gentle and kitchen-like process

Chicken broth

• Meat and bone broth available
• Culinary profiles: boiled, white meat, roasted, fatty, juicy meat
• Enhanced taste perception: umami, mouthfeel/body, richness, long-lasting - High protein content, up to 90% expressed on dry matter
• Liquid and powder formats, clear or cloudy in application
• 100% chicken ingredients
• Tailor made solutions possible
• EU Organic certification & animal welfare available
• French origin guaranteed possible
• Halal certification available
• Suitable for natural chicken flavor declaration
• Competitive cost in use
• Easy to use: ambiant stable, heat stable, pumpable
• Other broths available on request: hen, turkey, duck
• Chicken fonds and stocks available on request

Chicken powder

• Real chicken protein: up to 70% of protein on dry matter
• Chicken ingredient declaration
• Customized formulations (fat content, salt %, antioxidant, vegetables)
• Synergic effect when combined with chicken broth
• Tailor made solutions: EU Organic certification & animal welfare available
• French origin guaranteed possible
• Halal certification available
• Competitive cost in use
• Other powders available: hen, turkey, duck

Chicken fat

• 100% pure chicken fat
• Delivering intense and clean roasted chicken note
• Providing complexity, richness and mouthfeel
• Synergic effect when combined with chicken broth
• High quality: high stability, very low water content, no insoluble particle
• Convenience: pumpable from 25 -30°C, ambient storage
• Halal certifications available
• Various antioxidant systems

Chicken & poultry pieces

• Real meat pieces preserving  flavor, nutrient content, colour & texture
• Different shapes: hand-cut shape pieces, balls, cubes, slices, pulled chicken
• Authentic chicken taste
• Texture: meat fibers - Instant rehydration (3 minutes rehydrated)
• When hydrated: Consistent, moist and soft texture, keeps its shape
• Up to 70% of protein on dry matter
• Shelf stable convenience (shelf life >12Months)
• Other pieces available: hen, turkey, duck


ChondrActiv® is a patented chicken cartilage extract containing an optimized combination of:
• 55% Type 2 collagen: Type II collagen is thought to be able to induce antigen-specific tolerance. This has been proven in the case of Rheumatoid Arthritis and is presumed in the case of other joint disease.
• 12% Chondroitin sulfate has been shown to inhibit cartilage breakdown. Cell culture studies have shown that exogenously supplied chondroitin sulfate competitively decreases the degradation of collagen and proteoglycans. The use of this substance can lead to cartilage repair: pain and stiffness are reduced and can even disappear.
• 1% Hyaluronic Acid - Allows the rehydratation of the synovial liquid

A new range of ethical, tasty and trustworthy chicken solutions

- Organic: We have secured trustable organic poultry stream and our French meat facility is Ecocert certified. Research suggests that chicken raised organically improves the taste performance.
- Animal Welfare: We are fully committed to animal welfare. We source cage-free hens. As per the animal welfare guidelines, poultry is slow grown bred, with low livestock density (25kg/sq. lt vs standard 42kg/sq) and raised during 56 days.


Discover the range

A fully sustainable chicken stream

- Environmental Commitment:Because we use every part of the chicken in our processing, we are helping to minimise the negative environmental impact of food waste. And because we rely on local raw material sourcing, we are limiting our impact on the environment. We're also striving to minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible
- Premium Sourcing: Having a close relationship with upstream partners: farmers and slaughterhouses allow us to guarantee respect of farming practices with full traceability. We can guarantee French origin labelling.
- Clean & Clear Labeling: All of our chicken products are made of 100% chicken, no carrier, no MSG and no yeast extracts. We understand trends and can help your brands stay aligned with consumer preferences.

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Our sister company IDF

For your North American requests related to chicken and meat ingredients, our sister US-based company International Dehydrated Foods, Inc. (IDF®) is here to support you.

IDF is devoted to crafting real ingredients from real food. Upholding poultry’s natural goodness, IDF® creates ingredients with integrity, bringing chicken’s foundational flavor and nutrition to our partners’ food, beverage, and supplement applications


Visit IDF website

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Looking to add some flavors?

Working with Diana Food also gives you access to the full expertise and competencies of the Symrise Group, a global leader in flavor and taste solutions. From consumer insights to regulatory, we work in synergy to support your brands.


Symrise Flavor 

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