A natural route to overall well-being

Consumers across all demographics are increasingly seeking a more holistic approach to healthy aging by proactively supplementing their diet. Collagen has been widely recognized for the role it plays in supporting beautiful skin, healthy joints, enhanced mobility, nail care, and overall health.

With collagen degradation beginning as early as age 30 – and with a forecast of more than 2 billion people aged 60 or older by 2050 - collagen supplementation has never been more important.
Symrise is ready for the challenge:

  • Our high collagen content solutions are made from only carefully selected chicken parts.

  • Raw materials are sourced less than 200 km from our French production site for freshness and traceability.

  • Our products are supported by consumer tests and scientific analysis that demonstrate important benefits such as improved skin hydration and elasticity, reduced joint pain, and increased mobility.

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Dive into the human body to understand the science behind our unique sustainable 3-in-1 hydrolyzed solutions from chicken, supporting skin beauty, mobility and overall well-being from within.

Why choose our range of solutions with high collagen content?

  • Full range of ingredients for health & beauty from within
    • Collaful™, for overall well-being
    • Collachic™, supporting beauty from within
    • Chondractiv™ Plus, for joint health and mobility
  • All products in the range have high levels of hydrolyzed collagen content (25-55%+) offering an optimized bioavailability
  • Sourced from sustainable, natural chicken, which is 5 times less impactful on carbon footprint than beef
  • Export and regulatory expertise to support the sanitary and religious requirements of global markets


• Well-being and joint comfort for versatile benefits supported by consumer tests
• Containing total collagen 40-50% (or 45 +/-5%) combined with 10% of CS and 1% of hyaluronic acid
• Recommended dosage: 1.5g/day
• Designed for dietary supplement applications (tablets, capsules, ...) & functional foods
• Supported by consumer tests. After 3-month of 1.5g daily supplementation, 83% of consumers perceived a significant decrease in joint pain and are satisfied with this dietary supplement.
• Halal certification available

Chondractiv™ Plus

• Joint care & mobility, supported by literature review and sensory consumer insights
• Containing collagen type II >=25% combined with more than 15% of chondro sulfate and 1,2% hyaluronic acid
• Recommended dosage: 1.5g/day
• Designed for dietary supplement applications (tablets, capsules, …) & functional foods
• Halal certification available


• Skin condition & anti-aging and nail beauty from within, supported by literature review and non-proprietary clinical studies
• Suggested beauty claims: Skin elasticity / beauty, reduction of wrinkles and strong nails
• Collagen (mainly type I) ≥ 55 %
• Recommended dosage: 4.5g/day
• Designed for Beauty from within concepts (capsules, hot drinks, shots…)
• Halal certification available

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