A powerful green vegetable for culinary taste, meat protection and beverages

Diana Food has over 25 years of expertise on vegetable ingredient processing, including 10 years on celery for natural meat curing applications. Celery is also one of the key vegetables providing culinary taste in savory applications, nutrition in beverages.

Why choosing our celery ingredients

• Flexible and secured supply chain thanks to a sourcing from both hemispheres
• No selective extraction
• Full traceability from field to fork
• Strong agronomy control and high level of standardization
• Liquid and powder formats
• Organic grade available

Harvesting Celery in field

Discover the first Organic Cultured Celery Powder on the US market


Diana Food offers you the chance to become the first organic meat producer in the US using nitrites from organic natural sources and answer the rising demand for organic foods. 

Celery for food protection

• Naturally rich and standardized in nitrate or nitrite (cultured celery) content for proven curing efficiency
• Clean label Ingredients - No selective extraction declared as "juice" or "juice concentrate"
• Resilient supply chain: annual crop planification for year round growing, processing and production with safety stock guaranty
• Trusted quality: full traceability from field to fork, non-GMO
• Low color impact, low turbidity, no off notes in application
• To be combined with our standardized 34% vitamin C acerola cherry, a natural source of ascorbic acid, to optimize the curing process
• Available in concentrate (aseptic packaging) and powder formats
• Organic certified available
• Tailor-made solutions available on request (clear, deodorized, ...)

Celery for taste

• High flexibility in product design to match either savoury or beverages application in terms of taste profile (strong or low), juice clarity (from clear to cloudy)
• Gently cooked products delivering delicate notes from raw/green notes to blanched and poached notes
• Celery "juice concentrate "labeling for liquid format
• Powder format available
• Organic grade available

Our celery backward integrated sourcing

Backward integrated: Chile - Land of fertile soil and excellent climatic conditions; protected from both sides by the high Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean - is where Diana Food chose to source its celery. With more than 10 years of partnership with local growers, we came to perfectly master the stream to provide high nitrate vegetables ingredients to our customers.

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