Acerola: the best natural and native source of vitamin C

We started working with acerola about 20 years ago. North East Brazil is where we have found the best acerola varieties, with the best levels of natural vitamin C, and the best partners for final product development. The diana food™ portfolio offers acerola solutions for food protection, immunity boost and energy benefits and dough improvement in bakery. 

Why choose our acerola solutions

• 100% guaranteed natural and native vitamin C
• Specifications from 17% to 34% vitamin C
• Perfect clean label alternative to synthetic antioxidants such as ascorbic acid and sodium erythorbate
• Conventional, EU, US and China organic and Fair Trade grades available
• High quality and safety standards including third party testings
• Nutritional and health benefits
• Enable health claims
• Full traceability of the supply chain from field to product delivery

Acerola 34% for fresh meat and meat curing

• Perfect clean label alternative to synthetic antioxidants such as ascorbic acid and sodium erythorbate
• Highest content of native and natural vitamin C on the market with our patented acerola powder 34%
• Ensures pH stabilization, perfectly adapted to processed meat applications: no impact on cooking yield
• Acts as an efficient curing booster and residual nitrate reducer
• Improves overall fresh meat color stability
• Excellent flowability with no impact on meat color and texture
• Organic grade available
• Tailor-made solutions available on request (standardization, clear solution, format...)

Acerola to support health and wellness

Natural vitamin C is an efficient antioxidant and an essential synthesis cofactor. Our range of acerola juices and powders support nutritional fortification and many health functions:
• Immunity
• Energy & vitality
• Beauty
• Cell protection
• Iron absorption
• Memory and mood
• Joint health

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Acerola as dough improver

Our acerola powders are the perfect clean label solutions for replacement of synthetic ascorbic acid:
• Improvement of bread quality as flour improver and dough conditionner: anti staling effect, softness improvement
• Significant shelf life increase of your bakery applications

Our acerola story

Acerola is currently recognized as one of the world's best natural source of vitamin C content. It contains 50 times more vitamin C than orange and our acerola has twice as much vitamin C as regular acerola due to unique processing. But what is the story behind this little cherry? Where does acerola come from? How is it grown and processed?

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