Versatile ingredient, suitable for both sweet & savory applications

Pumpkin offers great taste and nice orange color that makes it ideal in bakery, soups, snacks and beverage applications. Pumpkin naturally contains beta-carotene, and is perceived by consumers as an healthy ingredient.

Diana Food has developed a large range of pumpkin ingredients from several varieties in various formats offering you a large palette of sensorial attributes.

Why choosing our pumpkin ingredients

• Culinary taste, color and baby food expertise dedicated to pumpkin
• Conventional, baby food and organic grades available
• Variety of formats: juice concentrates, flakes and powders
• Sourcing mastery and agonomy expertise:
     - Diversified pumpkin varieties selected for their taste and color attributes
     - Agronomist follow up all along the crop from seed to harvest
• Resilient supply chain allowed by sourcing from mutiple continents
• Food ingredient labeling


• Conventional, baby food and organic grades available
• Flakes powder format available
• 100% dry matter available
• Good rehydration properties
• Stringent specification: taste, color, microbiology
• Variety of taste profiles
• Manufactured in Europe, Latin America and North America

Juice concentrate

• Different references standardized for taste functionalities
• Specific concentrates for coloring functionality: yellow shade
• Coloring juice declaration (no E number)
• Clean and clear labeling

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