Selecting and growing the best that nature has to offer

We source more than 100 different varieties of fruit, vegetables, meat, and seafood from all over the world, and sourcing expertise is at the core of our strategy and business model. Our sole objective is to select the best raw materials so that we can offer our customers the best product quality. 

Thanks to an integrated team of agronomists, Symrise is able to ensure the highest possible quality of ingredients. This team of experts works right at the source, beginning with the careful selection of fields and suppliers. They are constantly improving the varieties we source, ensuring that there is adherence to agricultural regulations and verifying that high standards are applied to sustainable farming methods. 


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Agronomy: a foundational expertise of Symrise

Our operations all over the globe benefit from the presence and know-how of our in-house agronomy expertise. 

The agronomists at Symrise play a vital role in the supply of sustainable raw materials for our production sites. Through their knowledge and experience, we are able to consistently and sustainably provide our customers with high quality, high performance products in optimum quantities. Our global network of thirteen agronomists gives us in-house collaborative expertise focused on best practices related to soil management, water and irrigation management, crop rotation, and contaminants management, as well as updated information on regulations. 

Exploring the best varieties and maximizing growing conditions for success

• Genetic programs (non-GMO) leading to exclusive varieties
• Varietal screening
• Plant breeding
• « Terroir » / soil selection for best potential expression
• High-skilled farmers selection 

Reaching optimal performance of varieties according to the target functionality

• Close, long-term partnerships with farmers
• Ensure sustainable agricultural practices
• Maturity control
• Sampling raw materials until reaching the target performance 
• Triggering the harvest for peak quality
• Optimized supply according to performance criteria 

Delivering sustainable added-value for end consumers

• Residue controls & regulatory compliance
• Suppliers sustainability assessment
• Sustainable claims for customers
• Full traceability
• High performing, differentiating products

Nature, fortunately, is volatile and our job is to make the best of itThierry Jaupitre, Purchase Director

Raw materials with quality you can trust

Quality controls

Product quality is our #1 priority. In order to give customers consistently high quality in our products, we put pre-harvest controls in place that ensure required product conformity and can serve as sample tests to trigger the harvest at the optimal time. 

After harvest, when the raw materials are delivered to our production facility, we systematically control the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties. We practice continuous improvement by collecting quality-related data and benchmarking our suppliers. 


Over the last few decades, our robust know-how in baby food has given us undisputable expertise in ensuring traceability of our products. Thanks to our backward integration, which allows for control of the whole cultivation process, from the seed, to the producer selection including cultivation practices, we can ensure a full traceability control of our products right through delivery. It includes strict control and monitoring of contaminants and food safety guarantees. 

Certified streams

We work closely with our suppliers to provide support throughout the conversion and/or certification and auditing processes. Partnering with growers and suppliers allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive list of certified products: 

• Global G.A.P.
• High Environmental Value (HVE)
• EU, US and Chinese Organic 
• Fair Trade (Fair For Life)1
• Organic Demeter (Biodynamic agriculture)

Risk assessment

Year after year, climatic events represent a significant risk for sourcing management. At Symrise, we integrate risk assessment and risk management into our global sourcing processes in order to mitigate the climatic risk. To do that, we are very attentive to the selection of terroirs, soil and subsoil composition, farmer’s technical skills and farm equipment. We diversify our crop contracts across different locations to ensure customer supply, regardless of circumstances.

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Secure sourcing, sustainably

1 This certification exclusively applies to our reference of acerola powder produced in our Antrain facility.