Natural & clean label food protection solutions

Consumers love the taste and convenience of processed and cured meats, but many have concerns about the use of synthetic ingredients that are commonly found in these products. As a result, they are demanding natural and clean label solutions that feature recognizable ingredients on the label.

Offering trust and transparency, Symrise is answering this call. The diana food™ portfolio offers a range of naturally-derived ingredients that are made from high quality and traceable raw materials. We provide our customers with food protection expertise for all of their natural meat curing needs*, featuring our cultured vegetable juice and acerola product offers.**

Our solutions for processed & cured meat

How we can help you with your processed and cured meat applications

Vegetable juice

Symrise's vertical integration and agronomy expertise allows us to offer the best quality nitrate vegetables on the market. Our expertise in agronomy and technology has also allowed us to expand our vegetable ingredients to include celery and swiss chard. Our juice concentrates and powders offer many benefits such as:

• No sedimentation, no particles
• Non GMO
• Low taste impact

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With the highest content in 100% Natural Vit C / Ascorbic Acid on the market, our patented Acerola 34% is the perfect clean label solution for replacement of sodium ascorbate and sodium erythorbate.*

• Ensures pH stabilization
• Acts as a curing booster
• Ideally substitutes ascorbic acid
• Reduces residual nitrate
• Preserve taste

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers, sensory experts and chefs. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your recipe.


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Our food protection competence

* Meat protection solutions excluding USA and Canada markets.
** It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to verify the compliance of the final product’s labeling and communication indicated on the finished foods to be delivered as such to the consumer with respect to the current local legislation.