Creating cereals for the whole family with the right balance of health and indulgence

Cereals are differentiating around unique shapes and colors, as well as new and nostalgic flavors. Products that try to find the right balance of health and indulgence are also gaining more traction, including efforts to tap into the latest diet trends. With clean label continuing to be a hot topic for consumers while sugar becomes less accepted, cereal brands have an opportunity to review their formulations, seek alternative sweetening solutions, and reposition their storytelling around ingredient transparency.

This is a real challenge in today’s market, for which our innovative fruit and vegetable ingredients can provide solutions. Our diversified portfolio of natural products provide fruit and vegetable content, nutrition and visual inclusions with the highest safety standards.

Our solutions for breakfast cereals

How we can help you with your breakfast cereals

Flakes and powders ingredients

Customize your breakfast cereals recipe and bring it uniqueness, thanks to our natural solutions:
• A unique palette of flakes and powders with more than 30 species of fruits and vegetables
• Made to the highest quality standard
• Several options in conventional and organic, including a dedicated range of solutions with only one ingredient to label
• Ready-to-eat and dry mix quality, no further heating treatment needed


In order to bring visual appeal and texture to your recipes, we have developed specific inclusions (crunchies and crunch'flakes) that consumers will love.
• Tempted by the classic red fruits Strawberry or Raspberry? How about popular Banana? We have them all, plus even more exotic options
• Veggie trends are hitting breakfast time: why not add pieces of colored sweet vegetables like carrot crunchies?

Health solutions

Sugar content in breakfast cereals is a real concern for moms, and now, creating new cereals with more fruit and less refined sugar is possible.
• Naturally boost the sweet taste of your recipes with our banana and apple solutions
• Bring additional nutritional benefits the natural way: for specific energy or immunity claims, you can use our acerola standardized in vitamin C
• Our fruit range with guaranteed polyphenols contents is also a great way to add antioxidants to your morning bowl

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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