Elevating vegetables to the center of the plate

From main courses to snacks, consumers interest for plant-based products is booming in a big way. Whether it’s meat analogs or plant-based alternatives, their consumption is rising and here to stay. What’s behind this trend? It’s consumers' growing emphasis on reducing animal protein intake, along with sustainability concerns and general health considerations.

Today, food manufacturers are challenged to offer a completely new sensorial experience to consumers that includes taste, nutrition, mouthfeel, and juiciness, while addressing market demand for products that are clean label and sustainable. Symrise is ready to help. Our diana foodTM portfolio provides best-in-class solutions for plant-based meat substitutes, answering the consumer requirements of healthiness, naturalness and a sustainable diet.

Our natural solutions for savory plant-based alternatives

Inspiring recipes for your applications

Mexican-Style Vegan Balls

Effortlessly prepared using our pre-cooked chickpea flakes, these balls offer a deliciously smooth texture and clear nutritional benefits. 

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Experience the ease of pre-cooked chickpea flakes, to prepare the world-famous, protein-packed plant-based delight! 

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Vegan Meatballs

Consumers are looking for clean label and tasty solutions for vegan and plant-based proteins products. In this recipe, you will discover how to intensify the overall culinarity profile & umami taste of vegan meat balls with mushroom juice concentrate and brown mirepoic powder. Served with an authentic tomato sauce twisted with caramelized & smoked tomato preparations for a maximum indulgence!

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Garlic, Mushroom Tofu with Sweet Potato Hazelnut Quinoa

A rising number of consumers are seeking out vegan and organic culinary solutions. Our organic mushroom and garlic juice concentrates intensifies overall culinary profile & umami taste while adding a twist blanched garlic taste to the tofu marinade. Quinoa is sublimed with the sweetness and natural orange color of organic sweet potato powder.  

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How we can help you with your savory plant based alternatives applications

Natural masking

  • Neutral and culinary typified masking solutions to solve protein-specific taste balancing challenges
  • Clean label masking solutions maintaining a clean label in your plant-based products through foodstuff masking solutions
  • Vegetable solutions utilizing kitchen-like ingredients for a clean-label solution to masking, enrichment and typification
  • Superior taste in plant-based products without the beany or cardboard-like off-notes originating from the protein source

Enrichment taste blocks

Consumers crave rich and juicy plant-based products reminding them of real meat.
We offer solutions for fattiness, richness and umami perception without altering overall profile. 
Add a juiciness taste block to enhance taste perception while maintaining a clean label product.


Extensive and comprehensive list of vegetable foodstuff solutions:

  • Sapids: enrichmentthrough acidity & sweetness profiles
  • Alliaceous: enrichment through onion, shallot & garlic profiles
  • Culinary: authentic and complex vegetable taste blocks

Clean label & organic

We offer natural & clean label solutions to protect and balance food from degradation overtime. Vegan & vegetarian suitable. 

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Your holistic partner for savory plant-based applications

Symrise is your partner for integrated solutions covering taste, juiciness und visual appeal for plant based protein products and sustainable food systems. This also means we provide an integrated taste and coloring delivery system (a toolbox with a broad range of taste and coloring solutions) , answering all customer and consumer requirements for meat mimicking and plant-based products with regards to taste, culinary complexity, appeal as well as clean and clear labeling. 

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Let's develop your next application together

Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers, sensory experts and chefs. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your recipe.

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