Corn: great taste, high sweetness.

Available in powder or flake formats, this natural sweet ingredient adds a creamy, smooth texture to many applications. Corn is also a natural source of sugar with a long and stable shelf life. Corn and simply corn, no carrier added.

Why choose our corn ingredients

• Local sourcing: less than 200 miles from our factory in Oregon, USA
• Full traceability from field to fork supported by strong agronomy expertise
• Non-GMO
• Organic and conventional available
• High sweetness & great corn taste.
• Sweet and Super Sweet corn
• Powder & flakes format
• No carrier added

• Available in powder and flake format
• No carrier or additive used
• Yellow to golden yellow color
• High sweetness & intense corn flavor
• Available in conventional & organic grades
• Good rehydration properties
• High quality standards
• 36 months shelf-life

• Organic and baby food grades available
• Powder & flakes format
• No carrier added

• Clean label
• No Carrier added
• High sweetness
• Authentic roasted note
• 36 months shelf-life

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