Whole Fruit Cranberry Extract, Clinically Proven to Support Urinary Tract Health

New clinical evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of Urophenol™, a proprietary whole fruit cranberry extract with a high concentration of proanthocyanidins (PACs). When compared to typical cranberry supplements containing low PACs or non-standardized cranberry ingredients, a randomized, double-blind controlled study found that Urophenol™ demonstrated a 43% reduction in the number of symptomatic urinary tract infections (UTIs) and symptomatic UTI with pyuria in women with moderate UTI recurrence.  

The study also demonstrated that the high level of PACs in Urophenol™ contributed to its multi-level modes of action, from the gut to the urinary tract. PACs are chains of polymeric flavonoids which interact strongly with proteins and glycoproteins. They have been shown to suppress the adhesion of E.coli, the bacteria known to cause urinary tract infections.

Urophenol™ is a game-changing ingredient for UTI Health Supplementation

• Urophenol™ is a unique whole cranberry fruit extract, highly purified and delivering 15% of A-type PACs (BL-DMAC)
• Recommended to support urinary tract health
• Efficient daily active dosage of 240mg
• Clinically demonstrated to reduce the risk of symptomatic UTI in women with a moderate UTI recurrence by 43% when compared to low PAC supplementation 
• Processed in Canada at a GMP facility from locally sourced whole cranberry fruits that are selected for their high PAC content
• Unique composition high in PACs with varying degrees of polymerization for multi-level modes of action, from the gut to the urinary tract

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Improving urinary comfort thanks to natural solutions

UTIs are the 2nd most common bacterial infections in humans and they primarily affect women. There is an increasing urgency to maintain a healthy urinary tract thanks to a natural healthy product, that is safe, well-tolerated and efficient. The diana food™ portfolio offers natural solutions based on cranberry and D mannose that contribute to a decrease in the recurrence of UTI if taken every day for 6 months. As a result, women suffering from UTI recurrence will decrease their consumption of antibiotics.

Selecting and extracting the best of cranberry

Cranberries have been known to be beneficial for one’s health for centuries. They are known to provide cell protection as antioxidants and to help preventing urinary tract and bladder infections. Symrise produces high-quality standardized cranberry extracts and powders that retain the fruit active molecules. But what is the story behind these products? Where do the berries come from? How are they grown and processed? And how do their active ingredients work? Discover all about the berries.

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