Chickpea and Aquafaba, versatile allies for plant-based creations

One of the first foods cultivated, chickpeas are now a trendy staple in favorites like hummus and falafel. A source of protein and fiber, the versatile legume is an ingredient of choice for plant-based products. Aquafaba —the upcycled cooking water of chickpeas— skyrocketed in popularity for its ability to substitute for eggs in many formulations.

High in proteins and fibers, Symrise chickpea flakes are a valuable nutritional ally for plant-based recipes. Aquafaba flakes, the dehydrated cooking water of chickpeas, represents an easy-to-use, cost-competitive, and clean label alternative to egg yolk. Backed by Symrise’s expertise in sourcing, quality, and food safety, the full range of chickpea-based ingredients meets expectations of conscious consumers that care about the impact of their diet on the planet.

Why choose our chickpea and aquafaba ingredients

• Vegan
• Non-GMO
• No egg, gluten-free, allergen-free 
• Kitchen-like ingredients
• Meet consumers’ expectations for clean label, natural ingredient
• Quality and food safety
• Local sourcing close to manufacturing plant
• Strict microbiological quality controls
• Competitive cost-in-use

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Aquafaba flakes — beyond egg-free mayo

Aquafaba, the liquid from the water used to cook chickpeas, rapidly took off as a substitute for egg yolk in vegan alternative to mayonnaise. Developers of egg-free products soon learned of its multiple benefits:

• Perfect clean label and vegan alternative to egg yolks for many plant-based applications
• Superior performance in vegan alternative to mayonnaise, in salad dressings
• Allows oil reduction in dressings
• Excellent water- and oil-retention properties
• Light taste and color
• No heat treatment required/strict microbiological quality controls
• Ready and easy to use as a pre-cooked ingredient

Convenient, versatile, chickpea flakes

Chickpea flakes are the vegan nutritional ally. They save time and cost-in-use, as well as storage and transport costs allowing convenient ambient storage and a long shelf life—up to 18 months. They’re ideal for everything from ready meals (falafel, vegan nuggets), healthy snacks, and instant dip mixes, such as hummus. Here are just some of their impressive benefits:

• High in protein and fiber
• Light toasty brown color
• Slight nutty flavor
• Bring texture in both cold and hot formulations
• Facilitate juiciness and smooth texture

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