The best that nature has to offer, backed by the best of science

Symrise, with its diana food™ portfolio brand, is a premier supplier of natural bioactive components for nutrition, health, and wellness products.

We are your best sustainable partner for sourcing natural ingredients that match consumer needs. Our trustworthy solutions are made through a science-based process that extends from the field to the home, encompassing agronomy, innovation, gentle processing, applications expertise, clinical studies, and regulatory support. Our core competency consists of identifying the best actives inherent in the raw material, standardizing them, and concentrating them for your applications.

We ensure the high quality of our products from the sourcing of our raw material to the delivery of the products, allowing our customers to completely trust the authenticity, traceability, and scientific validity of our ingredients in their formulations.Nathalie Richer, Global Health Leader - Naturals Business Unit

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Sourcing the best bioactives to ensure quality

Screening and selecting the best bioactives from nature - a key step in product quality.
Our expertise in health and nutrition begins right in the ground. We understand agronomy well enough to identify and screen the varieties of raw material that are rich in the targeted active. The higher the level of health active that is naturally present in the raw material, the better the end product will be. This work, which requires superior understanding of the raw materials, is a time-consuming process that is made possible by a close collaboration between expert agronomists and a talented R&D team. In addition, we guarantee that our raw materials are non-GMO.

Extraction & purification

A unique know-how in green extraction.
In keeping with our philosophy of clean and green, we are exceedingly careful about the environmental footprint of our operations and we remain committed to delivering products that stay true to their raw material properties.
Our extraction process is green, based on water or hydroethanol. The purification process we use generates very high concentration levels of our actives, enabling very small quantities of product to provide the full efficacy of the bioactive within the finished product.

Regulatory and scientific support

Proving efficacy and making accurate claims, regardless of location.
We assist our customers with regulatory support specific to each country. Our experts will help build the appropriate health claim dossier, as well as specific local regulatory status such as Food or GRAS.  
We provide the science to support the efficacy of our health actives. Using in-vitro testing and mechanistical studies, we are able to define the mechanisms of action of our natural actives.
In addition, we can provide pre-clinical and clinical studies in partnership with a network of universities and research centers. These studies allow to define appropriate claims, including health claims and structural functional claims, according to local regulations.

Enhancing nutritional value

Symrise can work with your formulation team to improve the nutritional content of your recipes, thanks to the wide diana food™ portfolio of natural nutrients that you can claim as "natural source of", "high in", or "contains".

  • Vitamins: Acerola (natural Vit. C), Carrot (natural pro-Vitamin A)
  • Polyphenols from multisources
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Our health solutions

Our diana food™ portfolio offers natural solutions to target efficiently major health concerns: immunity, cognition, beauty, digestive, urinary, cardiovascular health and others.


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