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Product development professionals are constantly challenged to find innovative snack solutions for babies and toddlers. Small children grow quickly, and snack time helps them keep up the energy they need to play, explore and learn. Healthy snacks not only deliver on those requirements, they also provide an opportunity to introduce the toddler to more varied and nuanced foods.

With our large portfolio of baby food-grade fruit, vegetable, meat and seafood ingredients, Symrise is the perfect partner to support you. Our natural and nutritious solutions are ideal for a wide range of baby snack applications, and are produced under the strictest food safety conditions to ensure ready-to-eat quality as per industry standards.

Our solutions for baby and toddler snacks

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Fruit oat toddler bar

Nutrition & health benefits such as no added sugar or high fruit & vegetable content are key drivers for parents when buying a snack for their babies & toddlers. Our banana flakes offer unique properties to create snacks with only 4 ingredients. 

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Fruit and vegetable flakes & powders

You can design unique baby snacks recipes thanks to our natural solutions.
• A unique palette of flakes and powders, with more than 30 species of fruits and vegetables available in baby food grade quality
• Different formats and references available including flakes, powders, with or without carrier up to 100% dry matter, conventional or organic baby food
• Ideal for use in extruded cereal puffs coating, cakes, biscuit dough, and fruit & cereal bars
• Ready-to-eat and dry mix quality, no further heating treatment needed
• High quality standards (microbiology, low residues of pesticides and contaminants) to ensure full compliance with the strictest industry requirements

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Culinary delights for little ones

Parents aim to provide the best for their children, demanding high standards of quality and food safety. While also introducing little ones to authentic, delicious culinary experiences that educate and captivate their developing taste buds. Explore how our expertise in Baby Food, combined with our Culinary skills, unlocks endless possibilities for creating snacks that captivate young palates while ensuring complete safety.

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Our technical team includes baby food engineers, regulatory and quality experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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