Simply the zest

Lemon or orange, juicy or zesty, smoothy or crunchy, try and experiment Diana Food citrus. Diana Food has developed a wide range of citrus ingredients from several raw material sources offering you a wide choice of formulations and formats to achieve optimized product in your application.

Why choosing our citrus ingredients

• Sourcing from Europe & LATAM for a robust supply chain
• Wide variety of formats available: powders, flakes and crunchies
• Different carriers and fruit content for various taste and visual impact
• Organic and baby food grades available


• Various formulations with whole fruit, juice concentrate and clarified juice concentrate available
• Different carriers and fruit content and granulometry for various taste and visual impact
• High solubility available
• Standardized acidity for lemon
• Standardized Amino nitrogen for orange


• Various formulations with different carriers
• Different fruit content for various taste and visual impact
• Provide a smoothy-pulpy texture, viscosity & roundness when rehydrated
• 100% Dry Matter available


• 28-29% dry matter from whole fruit for zesty notes
• 4 mm sieving for high visual impact and crunchy texture impact
• Crispy sensation in fat based application

Citrus flavor

Looking to add some flavors?

Working with Diana Food also gives you access to the full expertise and competencies of the Symrise Group, a global leader in citrus flavors and taste solutions.

Citrus by Symrise

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