Trust from farm to fork

Working with Symrise means working with a unique, trusted partner that is able to build consumer trust all along its value chain. Whatever your business challenge, Symrise Food & Beverage and its Naturals Business Unit can support you to develop winning solutions that address the needs of your market.

Sourcing the best of nature

High quality products start in the field and the farm.
The global team of agronomists of the Naturals Business Unit within Symrise Food & Beverage works closely with farmers and producers. They select the most appropriate varieties and the best « terroir » to maximize the natural raw material properties that meet the targeted functionality. In this process, we ensure full traceability and transparency while monitoring the agricultural practices applied on the fields and farms.

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Gently processing the raw materials

We understand the challenge of capturing each ingredient’s natural benefits.
The Naturals Business Unit of Symrise Food & Beverage only works with gentle and kitchen-like processes such as water extraction, which preserves the raw material’s beneficial properties and provides clean label solutions to our customers. We respect nature and are passionate about capturing its inherent goodness. Our expertise is demonstrated in our ability to standardize our products according to your specific needs, all year long, while ensuring consistent quality.

Controlling and delivering high quality ingredients

Ensuring quality upstream, right in the field.
In order to deliver quality downstream, you have to incorporate quality practices upstream. For the Naturals Business Unit of Symrise Food & Beverage, this includes agronomic support, varietal selection, an understanding of farming methods and practices, pesticide and contaminant management, formalized specifications, and more. No supplier comes on board until they pass our strict approval process, and all suppliers are subject to intensive annual audits.

Innovating through science

The science of transforming raw materials into functional ingredients. 
For the Naturals Business Unit, R&D encompasses three pillars of expertise: Scientific Understanding, Product Technology and Application Development.
Our multidisciplinary scientific expertise combines biochemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, food science & technology, process design, and application development & testing. The synergy of these sciences allows us to transform natural raw materials into clean label, functional ingredients for food and beverage customers worldwide.

Technically supporting our customers

Our guidance for your products success.
Our technical experts understand the intricacies and demands of industrial-scale processes and dosages and are ready to provide you with the proper guidance to ensure that our ingredients perform successfully in commercial products. In consumer health and dietary supplement applications, we support our products with robust research and pharmaceutical quality clinical studies that prove the efficacy of our health actives.

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