A multi-performance ingredient rooted in agronomy expertise 

Redbeet is benefiting from a tremendous popularity among consumers looking for better nutrition. As global leader for redbeet concentrates, our knowledge about beetroots goes back a long way! Our combined expertise in agronomy and science allows us to select beetroot varieties that answer best our client's needs, whether it is in terms of sensorial performance or health benefits.

We have been closely working with producers for years to ensure the best quality ingredients, dedicated to various markets ; from simple natural juice concentrates to specialized juices for taste or health performance. It is also through a trustful partnership with our farmers that we can monitor the evolution of their crops and support them to respect sustainable farming techniques and foster biodiversity in the fields. Today, we are taking our redbeet to the next level of naturalness and trust with a dedicated Organic range.

 Why choose our red beet ingredients

• Wide range answering needs for clean and clear vegetable labeling and health benefits
• High sustainability standards and full traceability from farm to end products
• Grown from own proprietary seeds delivering targeted performance
• Non GMO
• Diversified growing regions to mitigate climate risks and guarantee availability
• Naturally delivering higher contents of specific nutrients
• Organic grades (EU, US) available


Beetroot is the new Superfood ! Today, we know that consuming redbeet juice is highly beneficial, mostly for seniors who wish to take care of their cardiovascular health, but also for active people, who aim at improving their performance and recovery time after exercising.

At Symrise, our agronomy expertise allowed us to create Red beet juices concentrates delivering naturally high concentration of key minerals.

Our branded product Beet4PerfTM offers a targeted health benefit supporting sport performance, available in liquid and dry formats to ease the formulation of your recipes.


The best beets for outstanding taste sensations!

We use freshly harvested beetroot and apply a gentle and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the preservation of their natural sensory profile. Our specialized redbeet juice powders deliver a stable intense beet taste for borsh, soups and every trendy culinary recipes.


Veggies are conquering the world! Juices and smoothies with redbeet are increasingly popular providing a natural sweet taste, an attractive color and delivering a long list of nutritional benefits.

Diana Food provides a broad portfolio of betroot juice concentrates available in conventional and organic grades to enable producers to benefit from this wave of success.

Our range is also available in powders to support dry formulations and logistic contraints.

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