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It’s quite possible that no food suggests the concept of “home-made” more than soup. A delicious, aromatic soup provides both physical and emotional comfort, making it a truly therapeutic consumer experience. The factors that trigger this emotional connection are quite tangible: fresh, natural ingredients that are made with familiar, simple cooking methods.

Not coincidentally, this is also the Symrise method. The diana food™ portfolio of natural solutions offers your soups and broths purposeful benefits – both organoleptic and emotional – because they come from real food, bringing both nutrition and simplicity to your creations.

Our solutions for soups & broths

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Mushroom Miso Lemongrass broth

Consumers demand increases for ethnic foods made from premium ingredients that feature authentic flavors. This recipe combines culinary preparations with authentic vegetable ingredients to enhance the traditional taste of mushroom miso broth. 

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Thai chicken broth

Consumers demand increases for ethnic foods made from premium ingredients that feature authentic flavors. This recipe combines different culinary preparations with authentic chicken, vegetable and spice ingredients for an intenseand authentic Thai chicken broth. 

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Tom Yum Gai

Embark to Thailand to create an authentic tasty Tom Yum Gai Soup recipe! Culinarity boosted with our Fried Shallot paste, a Complex and Umami Chicken and Mushroom broth with a fresh twist of Lime juice powder!

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How we can help you with your soups and broths applications

Culinary vegetables 

Our culinary vegetable portfolio delivers homestyle and flavorful authenticity.
• High taste impact
• Made using chef-style kitchen preparations: blanching, sweating, sauteeing, pan-frying, caramelizing and roasting
• Eliminate time-consuming cooking steps, so our customers can focus on delivering mouth-watering creations to their customers

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We offer a broad selection of clean-label chicken ingredients that give your ready meals an intense chicken profile and consistent taste impact. They are a great option to build trust in your brand through traceability and transparency.
• Chicken broth
• Chicken powder
 Purified chicken fat
• Natural and clean label, transformed from natural raw materials offering organic and animal welfare grades

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers, sensory experts and chefs. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your recipe.


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