Men harvesting cranberries

Food waste is a major concern in our society. The management of by-products is a challenge for companies of the food industry. Today's consumers are looking for more responsible consumption and they are more and more concerned about their environmental footprint. In Canada, the Naturals Business Unit within Symrise Food & Beverage, have once again illustrated their approach towards more ecology and upcycling.

A virtuous industrial process

The industrial site of Champlain (Canada) is specialized in the transformation of berries. The process generates sugars that must be destroyed each year. In order to revalorize these sugars, the Naturals BU has partnered with two important players: Climicals and Ulysse Biotech, who buy this material to give it a second life.

Focus on these two partners

Climicals and Ulysse Biotech are two companies specialized in the valorization of materials. Climicals converts the sugars into key molecules for green chemistry, especially to produce various bio sourced plastics. By valorizing the sugars produced, Ulysse Biotech can include this co-product in certain industrial processes and bio stimulation solutions. A great way to reduce the environmental footprint.

Symrise is proud to partner with these two companies and enable the valorization of production waste, while ultimately contributing to the circular economy.