Diana Food is expanding its Food Protection Platform with the addition of Organic Cultured Celery Powder.
This launch represents an industry first: the only true organic solution for natural meat curing currently available on the US market.

Ryan Goeser, Business Development Manager - Meat Food Protection, explains, “By incorporating two of our core competencies, agronomy and processing expertise, we were able to deliver this innovation to the US market. This launch gives our customers another strong option in the area of food protection via organic ingredients.”

Despite the strong economic crisis and the higher price that organic products typically attract, organic packaged food value sales globally grew by 11% in 20201. Among many drivers leading to consumer demand increase, the seek for cleaner food & drinks is still on the top with for example, 41% of US consumers buying organic food & drinks to avoid artificial ingredients2. This freshly new development also answers customer needs for beyond natural preservatives and accommodation to the anticipated USDA organic regulatory changes that would require the use of organic celery in organic meat products. Diana Food is able to provide this Organic Cultured Celery Powder at an industry standard of 22,500 ppm sodium nitrite equivalent.  

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The comments related to regulatory status included here are specific to the US market. Diana Food advises you to check with your internal and external resources for the appropriate regulatory status within your country.


1 : Euromonitor – Packaged Food – Organic Food – Coronavirus and the future – Mars 2021
2: Base: US: 782 internet users aged 18+ who purchase organic food or beverages. Source: Lightspeed/Mintel