On January 7 2021, Diana Food, part of Symrise Nutrition, was nominated finalist of the Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2021 in the category of “Waste and Resource Management Project of the Year”. On this occasion, Diana Food introduced its waste reduction strategy and focused on recent initiatives of side streams valorization.

Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards recognizes excellence across the spectrum of green business; from the best efficiency programs to product innovations, from stakeholder engagement and social sustainability initiatives to the people on the ground who are making change happen. The scheme is the UK’s largest and most prestigious sustainability awards initiative.

The final results and winners will be announced during an online Ceremony on February 3. For more info, click here.

Waste reduction at the core of Symrise Nutrition business model

Since its origins, resource efficiency has been a key element of Symrise Nutrition DNA and Diana Food business development. Initiated in the 50’s, one of the very first visionary businesses was founded on valorizing poultry by-products into high value ingredients dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry.

Since then and over time, Diana Food has extended its valorization capabilities thanks to a combined expertise of sourcing excellence with gentle industrial processes applied to vegetable, fruit, and meat and seafood by-products.

Symrise Nutrition has set two main axes as part of its waste reduction strategy. First, the company commits to reduce its waste production by 4% per year by 2025 through a global continuous improvement plan. On a second hand, Symrise Nutrition has set up a dedicated innovation team within its Diana Nova incubator, to further investigate more complex side streams valorization initiatives. “Thanks to a cross-divisional and multidisciplinary approach within the Symrise Group, scientific partnerships with universities and internal incubation capabilities, we have been able to screen our side-streams composition, explore green extraction technologies and evaluate interest for potential markets and final applications” explains Thierry Lenice, Side Stream Valorization Platform Leader at Symrise Nutrition.

Waste management as a driver of innovation: from composting to high value creation

Diana Food has been used to leverage its organic waste through methanization, compost generation and/or into animal feed for a long time. However, for a couple of years, the company has chosen to move forward in optimizing the environmental, societal and economic value from its generated side streams.

Our initiatives and action plans already delivered promising results. As an example, Diana Food succeeded to reduce its side-streams generated within its meat business line by 30% within three years. Thus, it enabled to lower the waste treatment budget while delivering new gains through side-stream valorization.

Another initiative has recently been launched that deals with cranberry sugars generated within our Canadian facility which is dedicated to the production of health actives from natural Nordic fruits. The project will deliver a 20% waste reduction of cranberry by-products successfully valorized into a brand new natural ingredient dedicated to personal care. It will be commercialized by Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients division in the coming months.

“We are very pleased to be part of the nominees of the Edie Sustainability Leaders Award 2021 as recognition for our continuous effort in driving sustainable innovation in our activities. While supporting our current world stakes and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, I am convinced that our recent initiatives act as inspiring changes of mindset for our teams and beyond to change our ways of doing business more responsibly”, shares Marie Le Henaff, Global Sustainability Manager at Symrise Nutrition

The 2021 Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards will reveal the finalist on February 3 during an online event.