Diana Food achieved Silver Status SAI Platform status for its beetroot, carrot, shallot, leeks, celeriac, onions and mushroom crops

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative  Platform was founded by Nestlé, Unilever and Danone in 2002. Today, it includes 90 members from the food and beverage industry. This benchmark platform offers the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) tool, used to evaluate the sustainability of agricultural practices.

The FSA tool features some one hundred complex issues and covers a wide range of environmental, social and economic aspects.

Diana Food first tested the tool by completing an initial self-evaluation among approximately 150 farmers. Then an audit was conducted by an outside firm to verify the compliance of the self-evaluation. The results provided to Diana Food confirmed a Silver level on the 7 crops evaluated: beetroot, carrots, shallots, leeks, celeriac, onions and mushrooms.

This success reflects Diana Food’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and is a testament to the efforts made by our agronomists and farmers to promote agronomic performance while also respecting the environment. A proof of practices and concrete achievement to deliver trust to our customers on our way to conduct and develop sustainable practices in close collaboration with our farmers partners.

Bulle Pouzoulet, Global Sustainable Sourcing Coordinator adds, “In addition to being a tool for evaluating our sustainability level, the FSA, most importantly, enables us to assess progress margins and thus to implement the improvement measures required to move forward effectively and sustainably”.