basket filled with freshly picked strawberries
Across all age groups, strawberry consistently ranks among the top fruits consumed around the world. It forms an ubiquitous ingredient in applications ranging from beverages, baked goods, cereals, confections, dairy foods, and plant-based products to consumer health products for sports nutrition and dietary supplementation. To help meet this demand, Symrise has developed a broad diana food™ portfolio of strawberry ingredients that includes powders, flakes, crunchies, and crunch’flakes.

To reliably deliver such a broad portfolio of high-quality strawberry ingredients, Symrise has built a worldwide network of sourcing capabilities. Today, the company responsibly sources strawberries from Chile, Morocco, Spain, and Italy. This global strategy enables Symrise to provide a broad range of strawberry ingredients meeting different features whether it relates to competitiveness, a specific quality such as Baby Food, a specific certification such as organic, a composition up to 100% from fruit or diverse organoleptic properties. It also ensures a reliable supply chain all year long. Our long-term relationships with farmers, supported by regular visits and audits from our in-house agronomists, guarantee the high quality of the selected fruit, the full traceability of agricultural practices, and the ability to supply certified ingredients that meet the client’s specific needs.

According to Aurélie Pellé, Global Fruit Product Line Director at Naturals Business Unit, Symrise Food & Beverage, “As a customer-driven organization, we offer the ideal solution with year-round availability whatever application and product form requirement our customers may address.”

To assist global customers in choosing the most appropriate strawberry reference for their application needs, Symrise has created a new product brochure for the diana food™ portfolio specifically designed to guide them through the company’s comprehensive strawberry offerings. With this resource, customers' product development teams can more easily identify the strawberry ingredient that best suits their functional and sensorial requirements.

The company also produced a video, “The Iconic Strawberry: A Global Favorite, from Soil to Spoon.” The video focuses on sourcing and highlights the specific, long-term partnerships the company has entered into with strawberry farmers in Chile. The video features direct commentary from some of these farmers about the keys to their relationship with Symrise, including their ideal climate conditions, reduced agro-chemicals treatment, interactions with company agronomists, and proximity to the production plant.

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