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Sustainable sourcing strategies for business continuity

The production of agricultural raw materials is facing a complex climatic and geopolitical situation, which is increasingly affecting the availability and quality of tomorrow's food. In this changing and volatile world, working with a reliable partner is key to guaranteeing a secure and sustainable supply. 

For us, developing resilient supply chains is a must. While sourcing and sustainability have always been key components of our approach, today’s circumstances require to anticipate potential challenges and solve them before they become impediments to our clients’ successes. At Symrise, we are your trusted partner for a secure supply of natural ingredients. 

The future of food supply starts today. Watch the video!

We are acting today to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient agri-food world of tomorrow. At our level, it means securing our sourcing of natural raw materials, while addressing environmental and food safety challenges.

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A complex agricultural context, increasing the risk of supply shortages

Geopolitical and environmental challenges, among others, threaten farmers' resilience and the production of agricultural raw materials, leading to a growing risk of supply shortages.

As a result, suppliers and consumers are increasingly concerned about food supply worldwide.

Long-term risk assessment: Our forward-thinking approach

Risk management is at the heart of our strategy. Having anticipated the complex agricultural landscape, we conducted a deep and extensive long-term risk analysis.

This analysis has served as the basis for defining key strategic orientations aimed at mitigating the risks identified, and then implementing proactive measures. 

All this to ensure a reliable supply of natural ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers, while addressing environmental and food safety challenges.

Your trusted partner, today and tomorrow

Our innovative risk management strategies enable us to build resilient supply chains. While our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices ensures transparency and meets consumer demand for environmental responsibility.  

Our experts ensure that our ingredients are unquestionably the best customers can buy, and from a supply they can rely on not only today, but for years to come.

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Let's build a resilient sector together

We extend a warm invitation to all stakeholders, including F&B manufacturers, farmers, public entities, NGOs, or others, to join us in this collaborative effort!


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