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Reliable and easy to use: Unadulterated honey powder delight

Quality ingredients play a key role in delivering unparalleled sensory experiences. Honey, nature's golden elixir, elevates taste profiles and resonates with consumers seeking the authenticity of natural ingredients. But it can be adulterated...

At Symrise, thanks to a robust quality validation process, we take pride in guaranteeing the purity of the honey ingredients we offer. We also commit to offering you a hassle-free option for increasing industrial efficiency: honey powder, a convenient alternative to liquid honey.

Why choose our honey powder

• Non adulteration, for honey ingredients you can trust 
• Natural sweetness, for products with friendly labeling 
• Easy-to-use products, for greater industrial efficiency 
• Dual sourcing, to serve all your markets  
• Honey crunchies also available, to add texture to your applications 

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